Letters to My Son: Please

My Dear Nayan,

Today, I needed you to wake up because I had things to do, so I asked you if you wanted to watch something on the computer. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Want to watch?
Nayan: Umm…watch girl (there was no other girl that you liked at this time so I guessed it was Dora [the Explorer])?
Me: Sige. Kiss muna. (In English: Okay. But only if you give me a kiss.)
Nayan: (About to kiss, then sits back on the bed) No. Say please.
Me: (Startled) Please.
Nayan: (kisses)


After you kissed me, you walked off the bed and headed to the computer. And I was left there laughing, amused.

My son, you are growing smarter each day. It makes me happy to know that you’re emulating what we teach you. I am proud of you and your accomplishments. And it makes me proud and happy that we, your father and I, are doing good with being your parent.

We love you our beautiful son.

Love and hugs,



Letters to My Son: Bedtime Stories


Last night, before going to bed, instead of reading you a story, you told us stories about your favorite show, Peppa Pig. You recalled and told us how they went in almost complete sentences. I’m proud of you Nayan. Your Papa is proud of you too.

My favorite part of the night was seeing you standing by the wall and looking up the window, tiptoeing just to see outside. Then, you said some of these cute things.

Nayan: “It’s Peppa Pig!”
Me: “Oh? Say hi.”
Nayan: “Hi Peppa Pig. What are you doing on the moon?”
Nayan to me: “Peppa is bouncing on the moon.”

This was probably what you imagined when you told me that Peppa was bouncing on the moon. The image is from the episode A Trip to the Moon.

Peppa Pig: A Trip to the Moon Continue reading


Letters to My Son: The Joy of Sharing

My Son,

All day yesterday, you fed me all sorts of food and every time you called my attention to feed me something, you made me so happy.  Thank you, my son, for showing me that you are always happy to share and that you care for me.

You shared me a portion of all the snacks you ate. You gave me chips, biscuits, and even your favorite marshmallow, which you call Munchy munch (You got this from the letter M episode of Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew where they fed marshmallows to the monster who kept saying “Munchy munch” because he was hungry.). You went out of your way to share your snack with me even while you were watching your favorite show, Peppa Pig. You’d go down your chair, go to wherever I was, call my attention, feed me a portion of your snack with your little warm hands, and go back to watch Peppa again. You also fed me watermelon which you spooned out yourself. Finally, you shared your Iced Tea with me, giving me the privilege of having the last drink.

Thank you, my son. Thank you for happily sharing your food with me. Thank you for caring. Thank you for the love. And thank you for showing me that we’ve been doing really well with teaching you the virtue of sharing.

My son, know that every time you fed me, you also fed me spoonfuls of joy. And I hope I do the same to you when I feed you as well as in other situations. 🙂

Eye to eye

I love you my dear Nayan.

Hugs and kisses,



God is a Parent and Humanity is It’s Children

Written by Papa

    Photo credits to Pink Sherbet PhotographyGod is a parent. And it is far from perfect.

Its children’s lives come from it.

Humanity is God’s children.

During humanity’s early existence God was perceived to be some wrathful but adored being. Humanity, the children of God, loved God. But they were also afraid of it. God could be rewarding, loving, and full of love. But God could also be punishing and cruel. However, the reason for this is because humanity was still at its infancy.

credits to juhansonin And later, a toddler. Humanity was at the mercy of God and at the same time could not understand God. God was trying its best to keep humanity alive. God could only force humanity to not endanger itself by providing the simplest form of learning. Reward and punishment. God loves humanity and humanity both feared and loved God. Continue reading


Epiphany Spot


There’s an episode in Scrubs where Janitor installed a toilet on the rooftop of Sacred Heart Hospital. He said that it’s where they’ll have epiphanies. Yesterday, I realized I had such a spot. No, it wasn’t in my toilet while I respond to the call of nature. Rather, it was in an uncanny spot somewhere in our village. It’s actually just the waiting area outside a small private school, a few blocks from where we live.

I don’t intentionally go there when I want to think, but it’s the rest spot after I take an afternoon stroll with my son and husband. Yesterday, we rested there as usual and talked about life and what holds in our future. And then it hit me. This place was my epiphany spot. And it made me smile.

Why was it such a good spot for epiphanies? Continue reading